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Prins Tour Events 2023

The best is yet to come?

Yes, last year was a blast: several special tours brought us lots of fun. But why would we go for the same amount of joy if we think we can get some more? The 2023 tour schedule already sounds promising, with 4 organized events in total – including a drift training, weekend out in the spring and driving under the late Spanish summer sun for a full week. Traditionally, we close the Prins driving season with the popular Prins in the Mix Tour. Don’t miss it!

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drive like a prins

Get in, grab the wheel and make memories for life. That’s what’s Prins Tour Events is all about.

Prins Tour. The full experience.

Our core business is to sell cars with a soul. Hot machinery that stimulate all senses, for real fans only.

We love what we do. But we would rather share the full experience of our passion with you. #PrinsTour has been able to put it together for years. Special cars and customers deserve a special treatment: we visit the most beautiful locations and use all the potential of both man and machine. The main focus: driving pleasure!

After all, we are what they call a car company.

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