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Premium car storage @ Prins Hotel

Looking for a special stay for a special car? Many powerful beauties are parked at the Prins Hotel. Just for a premium car storage. Or for a special treatment as well. At Prins service is everything. In that respect it’s more like a hotel than a car storage. Comfort, safety and accessibility take priority when you check in here. Come on over and roll in at the Prins Hotel for full service car storage in style, matching the character of your car.

Een auto wordt zorgvuldig afgedekt in het Prins Autohotel
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A car is driven to care for mobility, right? The more you can enjoy its unique driving qualities, the better it is. Nevertheless, it often happens that a car is stationary for a long(er) time. Especially during moments like these you want to make sure that your car is in the best possible hands. Lucky for you, our hands have lots of technical experience. Besides, we are genuine fans who cherish your passion every day, in every way.

A luxurious, well-secured garage at home isn’t for everyone. At the same time, a parked car also requires some attention. Prins Hotel offers high class accommodation and attention at one location. It’s the ultimate residence for the classic(s and) sports cars of this world.

At Prins you are assured of excellently secured parking in the center of the Netherlands. You can leave the car dusters and battery cables at home once you bring your beautiful piece of machinery to our company. Let the professionals do the dusting. And pick your car up at any time you want. Or let us deliver it to you. Anything is possible at the Prins Hotel.

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