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Prins Summer Tour 2023:

guaranteed a golden brown touch

In the late summer it threatens to get really hot this year: on September 18 we leave for the southern Spanish sun for an unforgettable ride from Madrid to Málaga. Along the way you will discover countless sights and we will experience at least as many photogenic moments. With your car in the foreground, this should provide images that are forever burned into our retinas. Fortunately, because in the end this event lasts ‘only’ 5 days. You know what they say: all good things must come to an end! Hopefully the golden brown memory on your skin will stay for a while…

The organization of the biggest tour of the year is in full swing. We cannot give an exact price at the moment, but we can give a price indication. This can therefore still change, of which we will keep you informed after registration.


Price indication (incl VAT)

Participation per team (2 persons): €4500,-

Car transport there: €1000,-

Car transport back: €1200,-

Airline tickets: +/- €300,- pp

As participants of our Prins Tours are used to, it is a fully arranged trip, including all meals. Please contact for more information.


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